10 Best Flat Irons For Natural African American Hair in 2023

best flat irons for natural african american hair

Are you on a quest to find one of the best flat irons for natural African American hair?

Well, your search ends right here because we have found you one of the best flat irons for natural African American hair. After testing a number of flat irons available on the market, we highly recommend CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron for natural African american hair. But that’s not it. We got our recommendations backed up by reviews.

We know that natural African American hair is naturally curly, with only two options to straighten the hair; chemical straightening, which damages the hair follicles, and heat straightening with the best flat irons for natural African American hair. Although, Afro-American hair-dos are widely accepted, it is not uncommon for many women who have Afro-textured hair to skip the Afro puffs and other hairstyles and straighten their hair with the help of a flat iron.

Since Afro-textured hair is more prone to damage, one needs to be extremely careful when choosing a flat iron. Unlike women of other ethnicity who can have straight, wavy or curly hair, it can be said that the hair of black women has their own vocabulary, and come in coils, loops, spirals and even zig-zags. This makes the various types of Afro-textured hair particularly harder to straighten. Hence, a need for the best flat iron for coarse African American hair has risen.

10 Top Flat Irons for Natural African American Hair

In the vast market of flat irons, finding the right one that suits your hair type is crucial to getting the appearance you are looking for without ending up damaging your hair. For those looking forward to giving themselves a different look the following are some of the best flat iron options to straighten natural African American hair that are available in the market today.

PictureFlat IronPlate MaterialPriceOur Ratings
Babybliss ProUltra Thin Flat IronBaBylissPRO Ultra-Thin Flat IronNano Titanium$$4 out of 5 stars
CHI Original 1 Flat IronCHI Original 1 Flat Iron Ceramic$$4 out of 5 stars
HSI Professional Glider Titanium flat ironHSI Professional Glider Ionic Flat IronTitanium Tourmaline$$$4.5 out of 5 stars
Her Imports Fastest Straightening IronHer Imports Fastest Straightening Flat IronCeramic + Titanium Tourmaline$5 out of 5 stars
CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium flat ironCHI G2 Hairstyling IronCeramic + Titanium $$$4.5 out of 5 stars
HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Flat ironHSI Professional Digital Ionic Flat IronCeramic Tourmaline $$4 out of 5 stars
Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat IronKIPOZI Professional Flat IronNano Titanium$5 out of 5 stars
Remington 1 inch flat ironRemington 1 Flat IronCeramic$4.5 out of 5 stars
Conair InfinitiPro Flat IronCONAIR INFINITIPRO Flat IronTourmaline Ceramic$4.5 out of 5 stars
Furiden Professional Flat IronFuriden Professional Hair Straightener Flat IronTourmaline Ceramic$$4.5 out of 5 stars

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  • $ = under $50,
  • $$ = $50 to $100,
  • $$$ = $100 to $150
  • $$$$ = $200+

• Rating – These are our ratings on a 1 to 5 scale.

Now, get ready to discover the 10 best flat irons for natural African American hair and their reviews.

10 Best Flat Irons for Natural African American Hair Reviews

So, it’s settled. If you want to straighten your hair, you are going to need nothing but the best flat irons for natural African American hair. In case you were wondering what flat iron to buy, the following are some great options for you.

1.     BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Ultra-Thin Flat Iron

Babybliss Pro ultra thin flat iron

The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron uses ion-technology to deliver smooth and shiny hair. The titanium plates are come in 1, 1 ½, and 2 inches, allowing you to choose the end result of using the flat iron. While the flat iron works well on all hair styles, it is particularly effective on coarse and frizzy hair that is typically harder to straighten. It is common for coarse hair to curl up even after being straightened, which is a big problem for many women.

The good news is, with the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, you won’t have to worry about that happening to you. That’s because the technology used, coupled with the titanium, which is an excellent heat conductor, is able to deliver a high level of heat that provides deeper heat penetration, which results to even thick hair being straightened with relative ease. In other words, you’re not going to run late for a special event just to straighten your hair.

The device has been designed well and fits nicely in your hands, allowing you to get a better grip while it’s in use. The product has also been built using the best technology and materials and has been built to last.


  • Built with premium quality materials
  • It’s ultra-thin design makes it easy to use
  • Heats up quickly, allowing the user to straighten the coarsest hair
  • Expect to get salon-like styling with long-lasting results


  • Does not achieve great results with wet or damp hair
  • Could damage hair follicles if not used properly

2.     CHI Original 1 Hair Straightening Ceramic Flat Iron 

CHI Original 1 Flat Iron

The CHI Original 1 Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron offers the ultimate results in hair straightening of Afro-American hair. It achieves this by safely applying up to 400 degrees of heat to straighten the hair, while keeping the hair follicles unharmed. The Keratin coated straightening iron eliminates frizzy and curly hair with ease.

The inch-thick plates lead to a more uniform result, while the combination of Keratin protein, Keratix, Argan and Jojoba oils help nourish and moisturize the hair, giving it an incredible look. The CHI Original 1 Flat Hair Straightening Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1 Inch Plates comes with dual voltage rating, and a swivel cord. The plates of this flat iron are able to heat quickly so you won’t have to wait too long to get perfectly straightened hair.


  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Get salon-like results at the comfort of your home
  • Can be used to either straighten or smoothen hair
  • Long power cord offers ease of movement


  • Can occasionally catch hair at the ends, tearing or splitting them
  • No automatic shut-off mode
  • Limited heat setting could be disappointing for some people

 3.     HSI Professional Glider Flat IronHSI Professional Glider Titanium flat iron

The HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is easily one of the best flat irons for coarse African American hair. This flat iron offers a top-quality straightening experience with its combination of tourmaline and ceramic plates that can heat up to 450 degrees. The one-inch plates feature curved edges for better coverage.

The flat iron is great for straightening, curling and flipping. Micro sensors regulate temperature of the plates so it doesn’t damage your hair. The plates of the glider have designed from ceramic and tourmaline crystals, resulting in a shiner finish. Beyond getting the flat iron, you also get various other additions making the investment totally worth it.

The HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat is the ideal choice for those who want a top performing flat iron.


  • Can reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees
  • 100% pure ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • 1-inch plates with curved edges
  • Comes with heat gloves and Argan oil
  • Quick heating time


  • No auto shut-off
  • • Difficult to use without gloves

4.     Her Imports Fastest Straightening Flat Iron

Her Imports Fastest Straightening Iron

Her Imports Fastest Straightening & Flattening 1-inch 475F Flat Iron has been designed keeping the user in mind. Featuring the latest technologies and all the bells and whistles that one would look for in a flat iron, this is easily the best ceramic flat iron for African American hair.

Designed to deliver one-pass results with its gentle drying technology, this flat iron delivers faster and gentler results, allowing you to get hassle-free straight hair in no time. Micronized water molecules penetrate deep within the hair for extreme hydration, which means you are able to get better results as compared to other flat irons.

Her Imports Fastest Straightening & Flattening 1-inch 475F Flat Iron also introduces the latest technology with its vibrating plates which enables it to deliver heat evenly, resulting in better straightening or curly or frizzy hair.


  • Reaches a high temperature of 475 degrees
  • Dual voltage (110/220 volts)
  • Rubberized plastic makes it impact proof
  • Vibrating plates


  • Flimsy design does not make it the ideal choice for travelling
  • Flat iron can get heated up very fast and could possibly burn your hand

5.     CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Flat Iron

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium flat iron

The CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron has so much to offer if you are looking for a reliable flat iron. The device is feature-rich with many features that you would find useful while using the flat iron to straighten your hair. Users get to choose between three different temperature settings, allowing them to get the result they are looking for. The flat iron also features a neutral length 1 ¼ inch plate that results in even heating and straightening of the hair.

The heat plates of the CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron are ceramic coated with titanium infusion, which allows them to heat quickly and stay hot for a longer period. While it is not the lightest option when it comes to the best titanium flat iron for African American hair, but it is able to deliver exceptional results. Apart from straightening the hair it also allows the user to create back spiral curls and flips to diversify their look.

Overall, the product has been built well and its cord turning attachment at the base makes sure it won’t get tangled.


  • Up to 3 temperature settings
  • Ceramic coated, and titanium infused plates
  • Color coded digital temperature display
  • 40-second startup


  • At 1.4lbs. this flat iron is on the heavy side
  • No auto shut-off feature

6.     HSI Professional Digital Flat Iron

HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Flat iron

The HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron is as professional as they come. The easy-to-use design coupled with a strong, sturdy build makes this one reliable and efficient flat iron. All you have to do is hold the power button down for 3 seconds to power on, adjust the temperature and keep track of the heat via the LCD display.

It can reach temperatures of up to 400 F. This flat iron definitely makes it easier for you to straighten your hair without a fuss. Apart from its perfect size, the edges of this flat iron have been curved to allow more ease when twisting and turning the iron.

The HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron can easily get you salon-style results in no time.


  • Various settings for multiple hairstyles
  • Bonus products also included
  • 100% ceramic and tourmaline plates
  • Swiveling cord prevents it from getting tangled


  • Flimsy design does not make it ideal for travelling with
  • Dial is small and at times difficult for the user to see
  • Uncomfortable grip

 7.     KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron

Kipozi Professional Titanium Flat Iron

The KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron Titanium 1 Inch Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature has all you need in a flat iron. This features a professional design with many bells and whistles that will keep the user happy while using this flat iron. The device can heat up efficiently and doesn’t take long to reach a temperature of up to 450 F. There’s an automatic shut-off features that automatically switches off the device in case you forgot to unplug the device after use.

The large 1.75-inch plate allows the user to straighten more hair per swipe. The plates have been specially designed to spread an equal amount of heat, resulting in better straightening capability. The effects of the KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron Titanium 1 Inch Hair Straightener with Adjustable Temperature is also able to last longer as compared to other devices which makes it one of the best flat irons for natural African American hair.


  • Well build design with durable handle
  • Dual voltage option
  • Takes significantly less time to heat


  • A bit heavy could be hard for some people to use
  • User could experience hand fatigue

8.     Remington 1 Flat Iron 

Remington 1 inch flat iron

The Remington 1 Flat Iron with Anti-Static Technology and Digital Controls, Purple, S5500 comes in two sizes, 1 and 1.75 inch, both of which are extremely efficient in delivering amazing results. While both work great, those with Afro-American hair will prefer to use the larger size because it can deal with more hair per pass. What makes the S5500 unique is that it features floating plates, which according to the manufacturers makes it easier to maneuver while straightening your hair.

Another benefit of using the S5500 is that the floating plates heat up super quickly ad can reach temperatures of up to 410 degrees in a matter of 30 seconds. The S5500 also has a built-in, auto shut-off feature that switches off the device if you forget to turn it off. Using the device can lead to amazing results and it comes in a cool purple color instead of the ubiquitous black or grey.


  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Can heat up to 410 degrees
  • Floating plates deliver heat equally
  • Digital LCD makes it easy to keep track of the temperature
  • Automatic shut-off


  • Floating plates do not work as well as they should
  • Not for those with sensitive hair

 9.     Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

If you are looking to straighten your natural African American hair and get a straight, silky smooth finish then the Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron should be right up your alley. The Infiniti Pro has many things going for it, especially for those who are looking to get flawless results. Featuring tourmaline ceramic technology this flat iron can deliver exceptional results with ease.

The device features specially designed floating plates that’s able to deliver more heat for longer lasting effects. You get to choose between three different plate sizes, 1 inch, 1 ½ inch and 1 ¾ inch, so you can tame your hair in the best way possible. The Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron can reach temperatures of up to 455 F, easily making it one of the hottest flat irons available in the market today.

Overall, the device has been built to last, has a sturdy design, and offers sufficient hair straightening capabilities for its price point.


  • Select from up to three temperature modes
  • Super-fast can heat in up to 15 seconds
  • Fast-glide action makes it easy to maneuver
  • Anti-static and anti-frizz design


  • No digital display
  • Device can heat very fast which could burn your hand if not careful

 10.     Furiden Professional Hair Straightener Flat Iron 

Furiden Professional Flat Iron

This flat iron by Furiden is easily one of their best products yet. It not only straightens your hair but can also curl them as well. The Furiden Professional Hair Straightener, Flat Iron for Hair Styling is a unique device that has earned its spot on the list of best flat irons for natural African American hair. The design of this device is top-notch, and its lightweight makes it easy and convenient to operate.

Unlike other flat irons that end up drying your hair while straightening, the Furiden Professional Hair Straightener does no such thing, and in the process, is able to deliver exceptional results that you would only find at a salon. The compact flat iron is easy to handle and is ideal for travelling with. The tourmaline ceramic floating plates are designed to evenly heat your hair, while the ceramic plates have been designed to generate negative ions to ensure longer lasting straightening. The automatic shut-off switches the device off after 60 minutes so there’s no need to bother about high energy bills.


  • Can reach temperatures of up to 450 F
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Floating tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Specially designed plates to spread heat evenly
  • Solid design, great for travelling
  • 360-degree swivel cord


  • Since the flat iron gets very hot, using gloves are advised
  • Not the best option for sensitive hair

What Are Flat Irons?

A flat iron is also called a straightener and is mainly used to straighten curly or frizzy hair. The device is particularly used by those who have Afro-textured hair and want to straighten their locks. The design of a flat iron is simple. Two plates are fastened on either side of the device. Sections of hair are placed between the plates and are dragged gently downwards, straightening the hair in the process. Heat also plays a vital role in flat irons and in many cases, makes the difference between inefficient or efficient flat irons.

What Are Different Types of Flat Irons?

There are many types of flat irons, but the two most commonly used once are ionic flat irons and ceramic flat irons, both have their benefits, which mainly depend on the user. The following are some differences between the two:

  • Ionic Flat Iron — Ionic flat irons feature an innovative design that is able to result in hair that not only straightens, but also sparkles, and gives off a smooth texture that looks great. This is made possible by using advanced technology that helps trap moisture in the hair, while providing a smooth extraordinary looking finish, which makes it a great option to use before going out to a party or special event.
  • Ceramic Flat Iron —this type of flat iron is considered to be the leading type of flat iron which is used by women with Afro-American hair. This type of flat iron is also considered to be extremely safe for use and delivers exceptional results even for those with thin and fragile hair. This flat iron does not heat quickly and takes its time, but once heated, it enables the user to straighten their hair with ease. Ceramic flat irons have been designed to provide consistent heating to the hair and also protect the hair from any unwanted damage while straightening. That’s because it is easy to control the temperature in ceramic flat irons.

Let’s Talk About Natural African American Hair

beautiful african american hair

Having natural African American hair is a wonderful thing. Not only is it great to look at, it can stay beautiful for years to come without the need for any special treatment. It is without a doubt that African American hair is unique in both its structure and appearance, but the downsides to Afro-American hair is that they are also prone to thinning and injury, which is why many women prefer to straighten out their natural African American hair with the help of the best flat iron for relaxed African American hair. It is important to note that African American hair is very different from the hair of other ethnicities.

Now let us go through different types of hair so that you know what type of hair your got. The following are some of the different types of hair:

  1. Straight Hair — Straight hair is classified as Type 1. Most women prefer straight hair since it reflects the most sheen and looks sleek and clean. Straight hair is also the most resilient as compared to all other hair types since it is hard to damage and extremely difficult to curl due to its smooth texture. Since the sebum (natural oil) in straight hair travels from the scalp all the way to the tips of the hair due to no interference of curls, it is also the most oily hair type.
  2. Wavy Hair —Wavy hair is classified as Type 2 which between straight hair and curly hair lies wavy hair, which also gives off a nice sheen. This type of hair is more prone to frizz. Wavy type hair also comes in three distinct types. While type A Wavy hair can easily alternate between straight and curly hairstyles, type B and C wavy hairs are more resistant to styling.
  3. Curly Hair — Curly hair is classified as Type 3. What makes curly hair unique is its distinctive S shape strands, with the only variance being the S being in either upper or lower case. The curl pattern that this hair type achieves without the use of styling or products makes this hair type unique, full bodied, and climate dependent. Curly hair is also more prone to damage if proper care is not taken.
  4. Kinky or Coily Hair — Kinky or coily hair is classified as Type 4. Kinky or coily hair is quite fine and wiry. This hair type is extremely delicate by nature, which is why extra care needs to be taken for its upkeep. Kinky hair grows at the same rate as the others, with the only difference being if not taken care of properly, this hair type can easily break.

Please watch the video below on different types of hair types.

How to Choose Right Flat Iron for Your Hair Type?

With so many different types of flat irons available in the market today each one promising to deliver exceptional results, finding out which is the right choice for your hair can be tough. Luckily for you, we are going to provide you with the information you need to make the right choice the next time you scope the market for a quality flat iron. Keeping that in mind, the following are some of the options that are available when it comes to flat irons:


Ceramic flat irons are a popular choice for women who are looking for a flat iron because it is the most economical option that’s available. Many of the best ceramic flat iron for African American hair of today offer better straightening capabilities due to the use of ionic technology, which is basically electronic ionizers which are able to generate negative ions that in turn, neutralize positive ions and in the process, seal hair cuticles. The result is hair that is not only straighter, but also shinier. This results that a ceramic flat iron is able to deliver is fast, effective and long lasting.


Many times you may have noticed that the name tourmaline gets used along with ceramic. This type of heat styling device contains prismatic crystals which are added by being crushed into fine powder. The crystal boron silicate mineral is used to smooth the hair cuticle, and to prevent damage to the hair by emitting negative ions which negate the harmful effects of positive ions that end up drying and damaging the hair. With the tourmaline flat iron you only have to pass over sections of your hair once to straighten the hair. This results in a reduced risk of damage due to the heat, making it a good choice for those who have sensitive or damage prone hair.


Those flat irons which come with titanium plates are some of the most sought-after devices in the market, and for good reason. Titanium is the only metal which is a high conductor of heat, which makes it more powerful when it comes to straightening hair. Titanium flat irons also come in different types with various settings, allowing the user to have the most control over creating the unique look for their hair. This type of straight iron is ideal for those who are used to straightening their hair on a regular basis. Also, the titanium flat iron will be the best option for those women who have thick and relaxed or coarser hair.

How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Natural African American Hair?

If you plan on straightening your hair, you will want to get yourself the best professional flat iron for African American hair that is available. The following are some tips that will help you do that:

  • Hair TypeNeedless to say, your hair type should be the first factor to consider while purchasing a flat iron since flat irons have different effects on different hair types. Natural African American hair type is Type 3 Curly or Type 4 Kinky (Coily). Get a flat iron for the following curl patterns.
    • 3B
    • 3C
    • 4A
    • 4B
    • 4C
  • Plate MaterialThe material that the flat iron is made with should be of good quality to ensure that it will last a long time. The following are some options to consider;
    • Ceramic SurfaceSome flat irons have a ceramic surface which may not be as tough as other options but are still able to deliver results if maintained properly. Be sure to get flat iron with 100% Ceramic surface and avoid nano ceramic plates at all cost. .
    • Tourmaline or Titanium Infused DesignFlat irons that come with a tourmaline or titanium infused design are far tougher than the ceramic variety and usually cost more as well. Flat irons which are tourmaline or titanium infused are best recommended for natural African American hair. 
    • AluminumAluminum is another option that you can choose from when getting a flat iron. Going with this option will be cheaper than tourmaline or titanium, and a bit more expensive as compared to ceramic flat irons.
  • Adjustable Heat and Temperature ControlTo get the best results out of your flat iron, it is advised to get devices which offer multiple heat options so that you can work the flat iron on a temperature that suits your needs.
  • Plate SizeThe plate size of the flat iron you purchase will also make a difference on how fast you are able to straighten your hair. The following are some of the size options that are available for flat irons;
    • Small 1.00 inch to 1.5 inch — Get a flat iron for natural African American hair with plate size of 1.5 inches or less. 
    • Medium 1.75 inch to 2.00 inch
    • Large 2.00 inch to 2.5 inch
  • Auto shutoff featureSafety should always be one of the main priorities of using any device, especially a flat iron, since it can easily burn someone. This is why it is advised to get a flat iron that has an automatic shut-off feature that switches the device off when not in use or after a specific time.
  • GripFlat irons that come with a comfortable grip enable the user to use the device more efficiently. Flat irons with rubberized grips are also efficient to use and makes straightening your hair convenient and hassle free.
  • Weight of Flat IronSimilar to the importance of the grip of the flat iron, the weight will also make a big difference in your ability to move around the device as you straighten your hair. Flat irons that are lighter are going to be easier to maneuver and will lead to better results.
  • Risk and PrecautionsWhen using any tool there are certain risks and precautions that need to be considered. For instance, when it comes to using a flat iron, these devices are designed to heat up very quickly. This could lead to someone hurting themselves if the device is left unattended. You should take precautions before using the device on your hair to make sure the device is not too hot or else it could burn your hair.
  • WarrantyWhenever you purchase a flat iron or any product for that matter from a reputable brand you will have the benefit of getting a warranty that will cover your device for at least a year. It should be noted that warranties vary from brand to brand, so it’s best to purchase one that offers you a better warranty.
  • BrandPurchasing the products of well-known brands means you will get a flat iron that’s not only efficient and reliable in straightening your hair, but one that is going to last the distance so you won’t have to bother about purchasing another flat iron any time soon.
  • PriceOf course, the price of the flat iron is always going to make a difference on the one you end up purchasing. Contrary to popular, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good quality flat iron that is efficient and reliable.

How to Straighten Your Natural African American Hair Using a Flat Iron?

Natural African American hair can be difficult to straighten as compared to regular hair. Still, many women with Afro-American hair look to use a flat iron to straighten their hair. If you were wondering how to go about the process, then the following information is going to be for you:

  • Begin with clean dry hair
  • Switch on the iron and allow it to heat up (This should take a few seconds)
  • Make sure the iron is not too hot before applying it to your hair
  • You can find out if the flat iron is too hot by placing a tissue between the two plates and pressing them together for 5 or 10 seconds. If the tissue is not burned, and comes out dry and clean, then the flat iron is ready to use.
  • Begin to iron your hair gently one section of hair at a time.
  • Separate a section of hair around 1/8th of an inch thick and pass the hair through the flat iron by closing the iron onto the hair and sliding the device down the length of your hair.
  • Continue the same way with the rest of your hair.
  • It’s important not to use the flat iron multiple times on a single section of your hair as it could damage the hair follicles and lead to breakage.

How to Care for Your Flat Iron?

Flat irons are a great tool to help you straighten curly or frizzy hair. But, maintaining your flat iron can be a challenge. Here, we are going to go through the simple steps that you can take to make sure that your flat iron is in the best working condition whenever you need it:

  1. Plug in the flat iron and turn it on its lowest heat setting. The heat will help loosen any buildup of grime between the plates, and will make it easier to clean.
  2. After it’s been heated for a few minutes, unplug the device and let the iron cool for a few minutes. Make sure the flat iron has been unplugged from the power outlet before beginning to clean.
  3. With the flat iron down with a damp cloth or a paper towel.
  4. You can use a professional cleaning solution if there is lots of grime present on the device.

Get the Best Flat Iron for Natural African American Hair Today

Whether it is using the best shampoo for scalp acne or curling up your beautiful hair with the best set of hot rollerswe all like to take great care of our hair. A good flat iron for natural African American hair is a great investment that will come in handy at times when you need a way to straighten your Afro-American hair on the fly. To make sure you are able to get the results you need, it is crucial to get yourself the best flat irons for natural African American hair, such as the ones that have been mentioned above.