15 Best Hot Rollers For Long Thick Hair in 2023

best hot rollers for long thick hair

Hot rollers are used to curl both long and short hair from a coil or steam. Hot rollers come in various sizes. While small hot rollers are used by people with short hair, larger hot rollers are used by those who have longer, thicker hair. When going with hot rollers, it isn’t just about getting hot rollers that will make your hair look good for a few minutes, but rather, choosing the best hot rollers for long thick hair, which will make the natural-looking curls on your thick long hair last longer. For curling your beautiful, long, and thick hair, you can’t beat a super duper set of Conair Xtreme Hot Rollers for its price and performance. The following lines are going to be about everything you need to know about hot rollers for your hair. So, let’s get started.

15 Top Rated Hot Rollers for Long Thick Hair

If you want your hair to look smoother and healthier than using hot curls is by far, the best way to get that superstar look for your hair. Hot rollers are available in various sizes and can help you create plenty of styles from tight curls to creating loose waves, along with adding bounce and volume to your hairstyle.

What makes hot rollers unique, is that their effects can last for longer, so the user doesn’t have to use the hot curls every time want to create those perfect looking curls. You can get an idea of the best hot rollers, for thick hair, that are available in the market today by taking a quick peek at the table given below. For more detailed information on the various hot roller options that you can buy keep reading.

PictureHot RollerNumber of RollersPriceOur Ratings
Infiniti ProInfiniti Pro by Conair 20$$4 out of 5 stars
CARUSO Professional – Molecular Steam HairsetterCARUSO Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter30$$4 out of 5 stars
Babyliss Pro Nano TitaniumBabyliss Pro Nano Titanium20$$$4 out of 5 stars
Revlon Perfect Heat LongwaveRevlon Perfect Heat Longwave12$$4.5 out of 5 stars
Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell – Premium SystemPaul Mitchell Neuro Cell Premium System6$$$$4 out of 5 stars
T3 VoluminousT3 Voluminous8$$$$4 out of 5 stars
Conair Compact – Multi-Size Hot RollersConair Compact Multi-Size Hot Rollers20$4 out of 5 stars
Calista Tools Ion Hot RollersCalista Tools Ion Hot Rollers12$$4.5 out of 5 stars
Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair SetterRemington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter20$4 out of 5 stars
Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair SetterRemington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Setter10$4 out of 5 stars
Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam HairsetterCaruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter 30$$4 out of 5 stars
Campbell Mcauley Hot RollersCampbell Mcauley Hot Rollers 12$$4 out of 5 stars
Conair Pro Nano Titanium Ceramic Hair Roller Set Conair Pro Nano Titanium Ceramic Hair Roller Set 12$$$5 out of 5 stars
Curl Innovation by Conair 20 Roller Setter with Heated ClipsCurl Innovation by Conair Hair Setter 20$$4 out of 5 stars
Conair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair CurlerConair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair Curler12$$4 out of 5 stars

The interactive comparison table  has 5 columns which are:

Hot Rollers pictures

• Brand and product name – (click to view more details or to purchase)

• Number of Rollers 

• Price – These are approximate prices on Amazon.com. Here is the price legend.

  • $ = under $20,
  • $$ = $20 to $50,
  • $$$ = $50 to $100
  • $$$$ = $100+

• Rating – These are our ratings on a 1 to 5 scale.

Now that you have seen what is available, let us take a quick look at the reviews of the best hot rollers for long thick hair for getting the best look all year long.

15 Best Hot Rollers for Long Thick Hair Reviews

If you’ve been searching for hot rollers for your hair, chances are, you’re confused with all of the options that are available. A quick visit to the local convenient store, and you will find shelf after shelf of hot roller brands, each one promising to be the best in creating glamorous-looking curls. Sadly, just like with everything else in life, not all hot rollers have been created equal.

Not to worry. We’ve combed the web and have found the best hot curlers for thick hair. The information provided in the best hot rollers for thick hair reviews below should give you a good idea on the hot rollers that will get you the best-looking curls that will make others green with envy. So, let’s get started;

1.     Infiniti Pro by Conair – Instant Heat Ceramic

Infiniti Pro

Amazon CTA

When talking about the best hot rollers for thick hair, the Infiniti Pro by Conair – Instant Heat Ceramic is one of the first names that come to mind. This hot roller features the latest technology, allowing the rollers to heat within a matter of minutes. The Infiniti Pro features up to 12 different temperature settings, making it easier to find the perfect heat setting for your hair.

This hot roller set comes with 20-hot rollers, in four different sizes. The different sizes allow users to create different varieties of curls. You also get 20 easy to use clips to keep your hair firmly in place while the rollers work their magic. And that’s not all, this hot roller comes with Argan Oil Fusion, which reduces frizz and works as a conditioner for your hair. The set comes with a 25 fl. Oz. of One n’ Only Argan Oil treatment which helps rejuvenate your hair, giving it more volume and bounce.

2.     CARUSO Professional – Molecular Steam Hairsetter

CARUSO Professional – Molecular Steam Hairsetter

Amazon CTA

The CARUSO Professional – Molecular Steam Hairsetter uses molecular steam technology to deliver exceptional results. This is the go-to option for those who want to get that salon look along with amazing looking curls. The hot roller technology is so effective that the curls last for days. The set comes with rollers in five different sizes. Each size has been specifically designed to create tighter or looser looking curls. Each of different size rollers also come with clips that hold them firmly in place.

One of the reasons why this hot roller has become an instant favorite is because of how quickly it is able to curl your hair, and leave you with a new, shiny look. This also makes it the go-to option for those women who are looking for an instant fix when there’s no time to go to the salon or spend hours with a curling iron.

3.     Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium has earned the reputation of coming up with some amazing beauty tools over the years, and the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium hot roller set is no exception. This hot roller set comes with 20 hot curling sticks that are in two different sizes. Again, the different sizes are meant to provide variety to the user. The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hot Roller set comes with rollers that are self-attaching, which means that the curls that are created are crease free, offering the user a more natural look.

The curling sticks have been designed for all types of hair and the inclusion of titanium technology ensures great curling results, regardless of hair size. The hot roller set comes with a few safety features, such as roller sticks that stick in place and don’t loosen up while they are in place, and an on/off indicator for the heating unit so that the user knows exactly when it’s the right time to place the curling sticks.

4.     Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave

Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave

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Another name that comes to mind when talking about the best rollers for long thick hair is Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave. What makes this hot roller set special is that the rollers have been designed specifically for soft or thick hair. The portable size of the Revlon Perfect Heat Longwave makes it the perfect option for the woman on the go. The hot roller set features 12 rollers that are in three sizes, small, large and extra-large. This means, the rollers can be used for any hair type. You also get 12 high-quality hair clips, which keeps the hair from getting tangled. There’s also a LED indicator which tells you when the rollers have reached the optimum temperature level. This is a great option for those who want to create tight curls, without having to wait all day.

5.     Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell – Premium System

Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell – Premium System

Amazon CTA

Those who want to get their hair curled fast need not look any further than the Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell – Premium System. That’s because this particular hot roller set is extremely fast doing what it does best. For instance, it takes just seconds for the rollers to heat up to the desired temperature, and it can take as less as 10 minutes to get perfect, shiny curls. That’s faster than most hot roller sets take to heat up the rollers. The Paul Mitchell Neuro Cell – Premium System is also easy to use so you won’t be spending a day trying to figure out how the gizmo works. If you are really in a hurry to get to a party or special event, then there’s a ‘Max’ option on the device which heats the rollers even faster (8 seconds to be exact) so that you can get prepared in no time.

6.     T3 Voluminous

T3 Voluminous

Amazon CTA

T3 Voluminous has taken an old-school hot roller design and has somehow managed to make it hip again. There’s a reason why the T3 Voluminous is the crowd favorite when it comes to getting perfect curls that are long-lasting. This hot roller set has been designed keeping the user in mind, which is apparent in its sleek design and well thought of rollers that keep the hair firmly in place. Apart from the rollers which have been designed to prevent slippage, their design ensures that there aren’t going to be any dents in the curls.

So, you are able to get uniform and shiny curls that are tight or voluptuous depending on your requirements, thanks to the different size rollers. This is a great option for those who are using hot rollers for the first time and want rollers that clip properly and do not flop over or create uneven curls, making this one of the best rollers for long thick hair.

7.     Conair Compact – Multi-Size Hot Rollers

Conair Compact – Multi-Size Hot Rollers

Amazon CTA

Conair Compact – Multi-Size Hot Rollers are ideal for all types of hair. The hot rollers offer great results without damaging the hair. This particular hot roller features patented grip rollers so that the hair remains in place and doesn’t slip through the teeth. There’s also a variation in the size of the rollers to offer more variety in curl styles. While the smaller rollers provide tight curls, the larger rollers offer larger structured waves which look great on long hair. The hot roller set is compact, making it easy to carry while on the road, users can also take advantage of the manufacturer’s warranty. If quality is what you’re looking for in the hot roller you want to buy, then the Conair Compact hot roller set should be straight up your alley.

8.     Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers

Amazon CTA

As far as hot rollers go, Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers are at the top of the list as one of the best rollers for thick hair. Calista is a well-known hairstyle and beauty brand that has been unveiling some amazing products right from the start. Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers is just another feather in the cap of a brand that’s become synonymous with innovative technologies and high-quality products. The hot roller set comes in three sizes, the Short Set, Long Set and the Body Waver Set. The rollers in each set, come in various sizes which can create large or small curls. The beautiful butterfly clips keep the hair firmly in place and the process itself takes a matter of minutes, thanks to the latest technology that’s been integrated in this hot roller set. But, the innovative technology comes along with a steep price tag.

9.     Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter

Amazon CTA

The Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter features thermal wax core rollers that are exclusive to Remington. The result is tighter and longer lasting curls. Since the thermal wax core is able to retain more heat, the rollers are able to produce more volume and shine, while eliminating any frizz. The set comes along with three different sizes of rollers, enabling the user to customize their look. As one would expect with Remington, the ion hot roller set has been designed for delivering the best results. Indicator lights have been added to the mix to ensure the user knows when the rollers are the perfect temperature to get them the styling curls they need.

Safety features have also been included into the Remington Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter, which is a welcome addition. Users no longer have to worry about burning their fingers due to the cool-touch ends of the rollers which makes it surprisingly comfortable to handle. The strong and sturdy build means that this is one hot roller set that is going to last a very long time.

10.     Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Setter

Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Hair Setter

Amazon CTA

Speaking of the brand Remington, no list for the best hot curlers for thick hair would be complete without mentioning the Remington H1015 Compact Ceramic Worldwide Voltage Hair Setter, Hair Rollers, which has been the brand’s flagship product. This hot roller set comes in a compact size, which makes it easier to travel with. It’s lightweight and easy to use, providing you with all the benefits of a hot roller. This ceramic hot roller set offers a total of 10 rollers that come in two sizes, along with 10 j-clips.

One of the features of the Remington H1015 is a multi-voltage, which makes it perfect for international use, a polarized plug keeps the user from getting a shock. Then there’s the cool-touch ends which keeps your hands from burning, along with j-clips that hold the hair in place without creating dents in the curls. All that coupled with the affordable price and a 2-year warranty makes this hot roller set an ideal choice for beginners and avid users of rollers.

11.     Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter 

Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter

Amazon CTA

The Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers is one of the larger options in hot roller sets that are available in the market. This particular hot roller set features an exclusive molecular steam haircare system that ensures greater results as compared to other hot roller sets. But, that’s not the only trick the Caruso C97953 has under its sleeve. This hot roller set also features soft foam rollers which have been infused with steamed moisture and salt. The addition of these features means that the user gets perfect curls that last for much longer. The jumbo size hot roller set comes up to 30 rollers and hair clips to make sure the rollers don’t move.

12.     Campbell Mcauley Hot Rollers 

Campbell Mcauley Hot Rollers

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If you’re searching for the best rollers for long thick hair that exceed expectations the Campbell Mcauley Hot Rollers is a no-brainer. The significantly advanced technology that’s been used in this particular hot roller set makes curling your hair a breeze. This also happens to be one of the best options for those who are looking for an affordable hot roller set. The set comes with 12 rollers and clips, cool-touch and ion technology, and a few other welcome features that will help get rid of the frizz and get you great looking hair. This hot roller set has been specifically designed to keep the temperature at an optimal level, reducing the chances of hair damage.

13.     Conair Pro Nano Titanium Ceramic Hair Roller Set 

Conair Pro Nano Titanium Ceramic Hair Roller Set 

Amazon CTA

Those who are looking forward to getting perfect curls should use the Conair Pro Nano Titanium Ceramic Hair Roller Set. The set comes with both plastic and metal clips and up to 12 jumbo rollers that are perfect for curling thick, long hair. Unlike other hot roller sets, Conair offers exceptional quality when it comes to the design and build of its hot roller set. The premium quality materials that have been used in designing every piece of the Conair Pro Nano Titanium Ceramic Hair Roller Set is easy to see right out the box. The ceramic rollers heat up fast and even, delivering unmatched results to your curling needs in a matter of seconds.

14.     Curl Innovation by Conair Hair Setter 

Curl Innovation by Conair 20 Roller Setter with Heated Clips

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The Curl Innovation by Conair 20 Roller Setter offers some of the best results and twice as much heat protection for the user. The hot roller set comes with 20 flocked ceramic rollers along with their pins. The ceramic infused technology that has been used in the design of the rollers ensures an even heating effect that result in great looking curls. Users also have the option of using the different sized rollers that have been provided to mix up their look. The hot roller set is easy to use and its compact design means that it won’t be taking up much space in your drawer. The sturdy materials and well-built design can easily make the Curl Innovation by Conair last for years.

15.     Conair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair Curler

Conair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair Curler

Amazon CTA

The last, but certainly not the least of our best hot rollers for thick hair reviews, is the Conair Pro Porcelain Series Ceramic Hair Curler. This is an exceptional hot roller set which delivers in spades. Its high-quality design and light weight makes it easy even for first timers to use. With this set you get 12 rollers that come along with easy to use clips. All of the rollers feature a ceramic core and ionic technology which boosts the results generating some amazing looking curls for long, thick hair.

What is a Hot Roller?

For those of you who were wondering, here are the six different types of hot rollers based on manufacturing technology.

  • Ceramic – Ceramic rollers are great for damaged hair. It features a ceramic core that produce ions and far-infrared heat, which helps seal the cuticle and lock in the style, ensuring the curls last for days.
  • Hard-Plastic — At the lower end of the price spectrum are the hard-plastic hot rollers. But that doesn’t mean this type of rollers do not deliver some quality results. The rollers are made from hard plastic, so they are also durable, which is another added advantage.
  • Nano Titanium — The more high-end brand of hot roller sets use nano titanium, which is a more durable material as compared to the hard-plastic version. The durable material also means that it comes with a steep price tag, but offers some amazing results.
  • Tourmaline — Rollers that are made from tourmaline can heat up fast and provide a nice shiny finish and frizz-free look.
  • Compact Plastic — Compact plastic hot rollers are great for short hair, but can also create amazing curls for those with long, thick hair as well. The compact design, means that curls are tighter, and long lasting.
  • Ion —Ion refers to the negative ion that removes static from the hair. Ion hot rollers are able to produce enough heat to heat each individual roller quickly, without becoming too hot to burn the user’s hands.

What is Hot Rolling?

If your hair looks tired and dull, you can easily lift up your look by using hot rollers. Hot rollers work by using a combination of heat and moisture to create curls that last longer than traditional rolling techniques. Hot roller sets come in various sizes, according to a person’s requirements. Each individual hot roller sits on a metal node that is heated inside a specially designed box.

Once the hair rollers are in place, the heat does the rest. Unlike other hair styling tools that can damage your hair with excess heat or can cause you harm, hot rollers are relatively safe to use since they are not electrified or heated to extreme temperatures. Since hot rollers are available in both small and large sizes, it is advised to use the small rollers if you are looking for a more tighter look.

Why Use Hot Roller Set for Long Thick Hair?

The following are some of the reasons why you should always choose hot rollers to create instant, beautiful looking curls;

Easy to Use — Using hot rollers is a great way to get sexy-looking curls. Hot rollers work on all hair types, especially long hair, and can help you create beautiful curls in no time, while adding more volume to your hairstyle.

Safety — Another reason why hot rollers are your best option is because they are a lot safer as compared to the flat iron or curling iron, which can burn your fingers. On the other hand, using a hot roller set means you get to create amazing hairstyles with hot rollers that have been designed for safety. The rollers themselves aren’t electrified so there’s no chance of getting a shock while using them.

Create a Variety of Styles — With hot rollers you don’t just get to curl your hair. You can easily create a variety of looks for your hair, without having to waste money or expose your hair to harmful chemicals.

Best Option for Long, Thick Hair — Those who have a thick head of hair will find using a curling iron to be tiring. It’s not uncommon for users of a curling iron or a flat iron to get tired or fatigued easily. This is one of the reasons why it is advised to go with the best hot rollers for long thick hair.

Durable and Long-Lasting — Hot rollers also happen to be extremely sturdy and durable. This means your set of hot rollers can easily last you for years. Provided they are taken proper care of.

Ease to Maintain — Unlike curling irons or flat irons which are difficult to clean and maintain, hot rollers are easy to clean and maintain.

How a Hot Roller for Long Thick Hair Works?

As the name implies, hot rollers use heat and moisture to create curls on otherwise straight hair. Hot rollers are ideal for those women who are looking to add fullness and curls to their hairstyle. Hot rollers are perfect for setting your hair before heading out to a party or special engagement. What makes hot rollers the go-to option for women with long hair who want to create curls is that they aren’t difficult to use, with the entire process not taking more than a few minutes.

The heat that the hot rollers use provide them with extra holding power, quite like hair gel works with regular rollers. But, heat rollers come without the added chemicals of traditional rollers. Heat rollers are able to get moisture deep into the hair, giving it more volume, which leads to getting a tighter looking curl. This is also one of the reasons why women with straight, long hair need to use heat rollers in order to get the results they want. The best thing about getting curls is that nowadays, you can buy the best rollers for long thick hair or short hair at affordable prices. The newer models of hot rollers are so easy to use, a five-year-old can do it, which means, they take less time and can get you some amazing results.

How to Use a Hot Roller for Curling Long Thick Hair?

When using hot rollers, it’s important not to end up damaging your beautiful hair. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you first have to know the correct way of using hot rollers so that it can get you the results you need without damaging your hair. The following are some tips that will ensure that you are able to get the best results while using the best hot rollers for long thick hair. Here, you will find a step-by-step guide to using hot rollers for long thick hair;

  • Step #1: Plug in the hot rollers.
  • Step #2: Divide and clip your hair evenly while the rollers are heating.
  • Step #3: Place the roller a few inches from the ends of your hair.
  • Step #4: Leaving the ends out, pull the hair tout and start rolling away from your face. After two full rotations, tuck the loose ends and continue rolling towards your scalp. Repeat the process, depending on the look you want to achieve.
  • Step #5:Allow the rollers to cool for 8 to 20 minutes, then unroll them carefully. Begin with the back of your head and make your way forward.
  • Step #6: Once all the rollers have been removed, run your fingers through your hair to loosen up the curls, and whatever you do, don’t brush your hair.

How to Choose the Best Hot Roller for Long Thick Hair?

There’s a whole lot more that goes into choosing hot rollers than just going with the best hot rollers for thick hair reviews you find online. The following are some factors to keep in mind when choosing hot rollers for your hair:

  • Hot Roller Technology — Hot rollers come in various types, such as the following:
    • Ceramic This type of hot roller requires the person to wind the ends of the roller around the base of their hair.
    • Hard Plastic –The hard-plastic hot rollers are the safest option to getting perfect looking curls without damaging your hair.
    • Nano Titanium – This type of hot roller is able to generate infra-red heat to create curls, making it possible to create long-lasting curls within minutes.
    • TourmalineTourmaline ceramic technology heats up the hair faster and evenly, and doesn’t damage the hair.
    • Compact Plastic-Compact plastic hair rollers offer better grip and don’t tangle the hair.
    • Ion- Ion hot rollers can help you create curls with less time and effort. What’s more, the Ion hot rollers can work on any type of hair.
  • Hot Roller Set — A typical hot roller set includes rollers and clips, end rings, a line cord and user manual.
  • Size and Dimensions — The size and dimensions of a hot roller will vary from brand to brand. Hot rollers come in various sizes, from small, for short hair, to large, for longer hairstyles.
  • Type of Hair — Hot rollers can be used on various hair types and offers the same curling results. Hot rollers can be used on the following hair types;
    • Long– Hot rollers can provide more volume for long hair, creating gorgeous looking curls that can significantly improve your look.
    • Fine–People who have got fine hair oftentimes find it difficult to hold a curl. But, using the right hot roller can help create natural looking curls.
    • Short–If you’ve got short hair you can still create tight curls by using hot rollers. It’s best to buy smaller sized hot rollers for the job that will help you create tighter looking curls.
    • Thin–A hot roller can be effective in curling thin hair as well. It’s important to use hair rollers that are able to produce the right amount of heat to create the curls.
  • Ease of Use — For obvious reasons, choosing the easiest-to-use hot rollers will not only make your life less complicated, but will result to you spending less time trying to create those curls to improve your hairstyle.
  • Warranty — The warranty is another important factor when choosing to purchase hot rollers. The duration of a warranty will vary, and depend on the brand. Most big-name brands have no problems offering a longer warranty as compared to cheaper hot roller brands.
  • Brand — The brand of the hot rollers you purchase is going to make a big difference on the end result of using the hot rollers. Well-known brands usually offer better results, as compared to lesser known brands.
  • Price — The price is another main factor when choosing hot rollers. The good news is, you don’t necessarily have to pay an arm and a leg to get the best results with the hot rollers. There are plenty of well-known hot roller brands out there that are affordable and provide some great results.

Benefits of Using Hot Roller for Long Thick Hair

There are many reasons why people set their hair on rollers regularly, besides wanting to have hair like Marilyn Monroe, or having to go out on a special occasion. The following are some benefits of using hot rollers on long thick hair:

  • Hair Volume —There’s something about having your hair rolled up on hot rollers that increases the volume and natural bounce of your hair.
  • Different Hair Styles —From the 90’s supermodel look to getting to recreating retro styles, hot rollers can easily help you create just about any hairstyle. The best part about using hot rollers is that the styles that you try out last longer than regular hairstyles
  • Enhanced Look —If your blowout’s starting to look a bit blah, using hot rollers can easily help spruce up your look.

Get the Best Hot Roller for Your Long Thick Hair Today

Just as you love to get the best makeup kit for your makeup, you love to take great care of your hair. If you love to keep long hair but are looking to add a bit of spice to your current hairstyle, why not try something different. Hot rollers are the best solution for frizzy hair, and are perfect for adding body to your long, straight hair.

Those who want to upgrade their hairstyle by getting that natural-looking allover bounce will need to get the best hot rollers for long thick hair, in which case, the aforementioned options for hot rollers are going to be your best bet for getting the hair of your dreams.