20 Best Colognes for College Guys to Attract Females in 2022

best colognes for college guys to attract femalesGuys,

Looking for the best cologne to attract females?

Up your scent game!

You need something more sophisticated, something 007 would wear, to defeat the bad guy, save the world, and land the girl.

A fragrance is supposed to be an invisible part of your style.

Wearing the right fragrance not only increases your attractiveness but has a powerful effect on the way you are perceived and remembered.

A European study revealed that while visual cues are important for men when choosing a mate, while for women, scent plays an even more important role in the selection procedure (even if they don’t know it!).

We will take a look at some of the best colognes for college students especially below.

20 Top Rated Colognes for College Students and Young Men to Attract Females

In order to help people choose the best cologne for college, please check out our top 20 list of colognes that have combined style and scent in a seamless fashion.

PictureCologneCologne TypePriceOur Rating
armani codeArmani Code by Giorgio Armani Eau de Toilette $$4.5 out of 5 stars
Guilty by GucciGuilty by GucciEau de Toilette $4 out of 5 stars
usher by usherUsher by UsherEau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
chrome by loris azzaroChrome by Loris AzzaroEau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
Nautica VoyageVoyage by Nautica Eau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
joop hommeJoop Pour Homme Eau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
le male by jean paul gaultierLe Male by Jean Paul Gaultier Eau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
curve by liz claiborneCurve by Liz Claiborne Eau de Cologne $4.5 out of 5 stars
the one by dolce and gabanaThe One by Dolce and Gabbana Eau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni VersaceMan Eau Fraiche by VersaceEau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
la nuit de l homme by yves-saint-laurentLa Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent Eau de Toilette $$4.5 out of 5 stars
1 million by paco rabane 1 Million by Paco Rabanne Eau de Toilette
Eau de Parfum
$4.5 out of 5 stars
Sauvage by Christian DiorSauvage by Christian Dior Eau de Toilette $$4.5 out of 5 stars
Spicebomb by Viktor and RolfSpicebomb by Viktor & Rolf Eau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
seductive by guessSeductive by GuessEau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
acqua di gio by giorgio armaniAcqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani Eau de Toilette
Eau de Parfum
$$4.5 out of 5 stars
HUGO-BOSS-NO 6Boss No. 6 by Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars
polo black by ralph laurenPolo Black by Ralph LaurenEau de Toilette $$4.5 out of 5 stars
unforgiveable by sean johnUnforgivable by Sean JohnEau de Toilette $4.5 out of 5 stars

Keep reading for expanded reviews of the best colognes for college students.

20 Best Colognes for Young Men

Say it out loud, “I am a smart, put-together man.” Now, let the world know by using any one of these amazing men’s fragrances. The next time you’re in the market for a cologne, take a whiff of these, which are considered to be the best colognes for college guys to attract females:

1. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani

armani code

Amazon CTA

This is an Oriental spicy fragrance for men which was launched in 2004. Armani Code features top notes of lemon and bergamot, middle notes of star anise, olive blossom and guaiac wood, and base notes of leather, tonka bean and tobacco. The fragrance has also been the winner of the FiFi Award Fragrance of the Year Men’s Luxe 2006, and is worth a try for college guys who want to attract girls.

2. Guilty by Gucci

Guilty by GucciAmazon CTA

Guilty by Gucci opens to invigorating lemon and sensual orange blossom, which certainly does not conform to classic male fragrance notes. But Gucci Guilty’s scent is intensified with hints of lavender and patchouli, breaking free from the common social boundaries that have been followed traditionally. Guilty by Gucci is the embodiment of a new age that signifies freedom from the traditional fragrance notes.

3. Usher by Usher

usher by usherAmazon CTA

One can describe Usher by Usher as fresh spicy, ozonic, woody, aquatic, sweet and even fruity.

Released in 2007, Usher by Usher offers top notes of melon, lemon and pineapple, while boasting of middle notes of white pepper, lavender and violet leaf, topped off with base notes of sandalwood, musk and amber, an amazing fragrance to have for any college going male.

4. Chrome by Loris Azzaro

chrome by loris azzaroAmazon CTA

Chrome Azzaro by Azzaro was first launched in 1996, but is still considered to be one of the top fragrances for men.

Featuring top notes of rosemary, lemon, bergamot, and pineapple, and middle notes of cyclamen, oakmoss, and jasmine, and base notes of musk, tonka bean, cedar, sandalwood and Brazilian rosewood Chrome is your quintessential fragrance for men that’s delicious, spicy and can last for hours.

5. Nautica Voyage by Nautica

Nautica VoyageAmazon CTA

Get a whiff of salty and fresh sea breeze with Nautica Voyage by Nautica.

With this fragrance, you will also get scents of coastal woods and herbs that will evoke a sense of adventure in any man.

The composition is perfect, with its laid-back woody base, green notes of leaves and apple and water nots of lotus.

6.Joop Pour Homme

joop hommeAmazon CTA

If you are searching for a truly unique fragrance then Joop Pour Homme should be right up your alley.

The fragrance for men is abundantly sweet, but is also masculine, mature and very sensual.

With top notes of lemon, mandarin, orange blossom and bergamot, and its exotic base of vanilla, sandalwood and Tonka bean, it’s no wonder the men’s fragrance that was created in 1989 is still going strong.

7.Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier

le male by jean paul gaultierAmazon CTA

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male by the master of perfume, Jean Paul Gaultier offers just the right balance between intensity and refinement that is always appreciated.

The fragrance for men can be described as intense, yet sensible for the modern man.

It seduces you with its notes of fresh mint, vanilla, lavender and bergamot, coupled with base notes of orange blossom and cinnamon that has created a masterpiece and an aroma that’s come pretty close to perfection.

8. Curve by Liz Claiborne

curve by liz claiborneAmazon CTA

Coming from a woman, Curve by Liz Claiborne was launched in 1996 and is considered to be one of the best Aromatic Green fragrances for men.

Here, the top notes are that of pineapple, lavender, juniper berries and lemon, while middle notes are ginger, coriander, cactus, sage cardamom, violet and bergamot.

The intensive olfactory experience is further intensified with base notes of amber, sandalwood, cedar, mahogany and a dash of pepper.


the one by dolce and gabanaAmazon CTA

This fragrance for men by D&G opens up with sparkling notes of coriander, basil and bergamot.

Here, you also get hints of ginger, cardamom and neroli with base notes of cedar and tobacco that creates that manly fragrance.

The One by D&G is often referred to as the best date scent for men and is supremely versatile, once again proving that you can’t go wrong with the scent of amber laced with tobacco. Make the women in your life (and the new ones you meet) know that you’re a suave, confident man, and ‘the one’.

10.  Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Gianni Versace

Versace Man Eau Fraiche By Gianni VersaceAmazon CTA

Versace Man Eau Fraiche by Versace moves away from the original take on Versace Man and goes with a more lighter and fresher fragrance.

You can smell the Mediterranean quality of Versace Man with its top nots of lemon, rosewood, bergamot and rose, heart notes of tarragon, pepper, cedar and sage and base notes of musk, amber and saffron which are all blended into some woody notes.

The fragrance was created in 2006, and highly recommended as a spring and summer fragrance for men.

11. La Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent

la nuit de l homme by yves-saint-laurent

Amazon CTA

A transparent, warm and spicy scent, La Nuit by Yves Saint Laurent is a thought-provoking fragrance that is pleasant and lasts a surprisingly long time.

Created in 2009, the fragrance represents the masculine lineup of perfumes from Yves Saint Laurent. What sets this fragrance apart from the rest is that its flacon is powerful and somewhat dark as compared to other in Yves Saint Laurent, with its mysterious cardamom, cedar, bergamot, lavender, with the strength of cumin, which makes it almost opulent and elegant.

If that’s not enough, you also get it in three different sized bottles, and will definitely be one of your better picks when it comes to choosing the best colognes for college guys to attract females.

12. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

1 million by paco rabaneAmazon CTA

With 1 million, you will truly smell like a million bucks. The fragrance comes with a sensual blend of notes including, grapefruit, mint, red orange, cinnamon, rose, blond wood, amber, patchouli and spices.

The package of this perfume is also luxurious, coming in a full golden body with a diamond crown – fancy.

This is really an awesome fragrance for those guys who want to impress the girls. Those who wear this are certainly going to earn some serious brownie points for the effort of using this uber-nice, sweet smell that beats the original. 

13. Sauvage by Christian Dior

Sauvage by Christian DiorAmazon CTA

Advertised by nonother than Johnny Depp, Christian Dior Sauvage for Men is been called, “radically fresh” and “noble” at the same time.

With a combination of carefully selected natural ingredients, Sauvage for Men boasts of fresh top notes of Calabria bergamot and well allow you to leave a woody trail behind.

This is undoubtedly one of the best fragrances for young men in their teens or 20s. Its underlying spiciness smells great and is why men and women alike a drawn to the scent.

14. L’Homme Ultime by Yves Saint Laurent

L'Homme Ultime by Yves Saint LaurentAmazon CTA

This is an upgrade from its release in 2006.

Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Ultime offers a fragrance that is woody, aromatic and intense, perfect for seducing the ladies! There’s also an explosion of citrus and grapefruit mixed with cardamom and ginger with a heart that contains aromas which are a combination of rose and sage. Its base of cedar and vetiver also makes up for its signature composition.

The fragrance can be defined as wild, powerful and delicate at the same time. The experience will make you reconsider the other colognes you are using.

15. Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb by Viktor and RolfAmazon CTA

With Spicebomb by Victor & Rolf you get an intense fragrance that’s spicy and seductive.

This is a solid fragrance that’s almost animalistic in nature, thanks to light leather and musk notes. Introduced in 2005, Spicebomb was created to blend together masculine male scents with that of flowery notes of feminine fragrances.

The result is an explosion of new smells with notes of chili, saffron, tobacco, leather and vetiver, and also includes pink pepper, elemi, and grapefruit, which makes for a spicy and woody combination which is sure to be appreciated whenever its worn. Overall, an interesting concept!

16. Seductive by Guess

seductive by guessAmazon CTA

Launched in 2011, Guess Seductive Homme is considered to be one of the finest male fragrances out there.

Guess Seductive Homme includes woody, fougere and aromatic notes that are intended to be sexy and seductive and has been obviously created for charismatic men.

Top notes include mandarin pulp, cardamom milk and pink pepper, along with vanilla orchid and violet leaves, while base notes include sandalwood, musk, amber and patchouli. The smell is safe and good for everyday use, especially for those special nights where you’ll need to impress your date.

17. Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani

Amazon CTA

It’s said that Armani created Acqua di Gio Cologne after vacationing in Pantellerie and being inspired by its beauty. Built on sweet and salty notes, this fragrance features bitter citrus, coupled with an aromatic nuance of rosemary, and spices that are somewhat softened with a woody base. The result is an incredibly classy fragrance that leaves a musky trail in its wake.

The fragrance is deeper and richer than most scents and just fantastic!

18. Boss No. 6 by Hugo Boss

hugo boss no 6Amazon CTA

The first impression of Boss No. 6 is that it a really clean fragrance with notes that include vanilla, cinnamon, apple, sandalwood and plum.

Launched by the design house in 1999, No. 6 explores the essences of pineapple, bergamot and fern with its fragrance.

Its great fragrance and long lasting smell is one of the reasons why Boss No. 6 has been considered through the years as being one of the best colognes for college guys to attract females.

19. Polo Black by Ralph Lauren

polo black by ralph laurenAmazon CTA

Polo Black gives you a woody, aromatic fragrance that smells manly and delivers a well-balanced effect throughout the day.

Launched in 2005, Polo Black features notes of sage, patchouli, tonka bean, sandalwood, lemon, mango and tangerine offering you a vintage citrus fragrance that lasts hours. It is also a super safe and versatile fragrance that is able to deliver a super powerful and intoxicating smell with will make the compliments roll in all day.

20. Unforgivable by Sean John

unforgiveable by sean johnAmazon CTA

The world was introduced to Unforgivable by Sean John in 2006, and within a year the fragrance managed to win the prestigious FiFi Award Fragrance for the Year Men’s Luxe 2007.

That’s how good this scent is. With top notes of green mandarin, birch leaf, juniper and tangerine and middle notes of lavender and clary safe, complimented with base notes of amber, sandalwood, rum and tonka bean – unforgivable is unforgiving when it comes to attracting the ladies.

The scent is exceptional and gives out a warning that says, “stay back or you won’t be able to resist” to the ladies.

How to Attract Women Using Cologne?

Few know this, but our sense of smell can discern a lot more than what we realize.

In fact, unlike our other senses, the sense of smell can reach the emotional part of our brain a lot faster. In short, olfaction assists us with important tasks, such as finding food and mates.

Keeping that fact in mind, it can be said that the right cologne can be the difference between getting a mate or getting rejected.

When it comes to complex social interactions, there’s no denying the intimate relationship shared between fragrance and intimacy. The truth is, we humans are walking, talking scent antennas. Regardless of our activities, we are constantly (and somewhat subconsciously) responding to and giving off scent cues to the opposite sex. When a person smells something favorable (or not so favorable), that olfactive message is sent to the body’s limbic system, which taps directly into the area of our brain that controls feelings of happiness, intrigue, nostalgia and carnal pleasure.

It’s no wonder when women smell a scent that triggers a happy memory she becomes instantly attracted to the source of the scent. You want that to be you, right? Of course, you do. So, if you like getting compliments on how you smell from the opposite sex, you’ll love the selection of high-end colognes given above.

How and Where to Apply Cologne?

Cologne, when applied correctly, can convey your personality without the need of having to say a word. But, there’s a difference between coming across as a ‘“fresh, energetic guy” and “dude who dived into a bottle of CK-1 this morning”. To make sure you’re always going to be seen as that fresh, energetic guy, here are some tips on how and where to apply cologne.

  • Apply it Close to Your Heart – A nice rule of thumb is to apply cologne wherever you can feel a pulse, as in, the wrists, sides of the neck, and even over your ticker. That’s because the throb will make the scent spread.
  • Take it Easy – If you are able to get the smell consistently after applying cologne, you’ve applied too much.
  • Don’t Clash Fragrances – There’s no need to use a variation of scents before you leave the dorm room. Using one at a time is fine.
  • Make the Cologne Last – While oily skin can hold a scent for a lot longer, dry skin will mean you have to apply fragrance more often, or until the scent fades.
  • Wear Different Scents for Different Seasons – Don’t stick to a signature cologne that you use all year round. Since colognes rely on the environment for its fragrance, use light citrus scents for summer, and something a bit heavier during cold winter months.
  • When to wear Cologne? The cologne you applied this morning will not have the same impact to meet the mood of the evening. Light citrus scents are ideal for daytime activities while colognes that are musk based or have spicy notes are good for evenings.

Cologne Buying Tips

The cologne you use will precede you in a room and will linger long after you leave. So, don’t just grab any bottle off cologne off the shelf. To make your life easier, here we are going to share with you a few tips on how to buy the perfect cologne:

Recognizing the Notes

First of all, you will have to go through the basics before you can choose the right kind of cologne for you.

Every fragrance has a three-part life cycle: the top note, medium note, and the base note. The top note is the initial smell that’s lighter and hits the nose immediately, lasting anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours. The medium note or middle note develops right after the top note clears and can last for up to five hours.

The base note is the last to develop and is often considered to be the bolder notes and will determine how long a fragrance lasts on your skin. Typically, base notes can last for up to 10 hours, depending on the cologne.

Key Takeaway: It’s important not to judge a scent by the first sniff because the first thing you will smell is the top notes, which are only there to hook you.

Now that we’ve gone through the basics here are a few tips to buying cologne:

  • Spray one a cologne on each of your wrists. Use the elbows if you want to try out four colognes at a time.
  • Avoid using the cards that department stores provide when purchasing a cologne.
  • Don’t forget to refresh your palate between smelling each of the colognes. This can be done by using something like coffee or tea, and helps in the selection process.
  • Always try to smell all of the notes of a cologne as explained earlier.
  • You can walk around the department store and smell the fragrance occasionally.
  • There are many men who own dozens of colognes so you don’t need to get the perfect scent after the first try.
  • It should also be noted here that the maximum amount of colognes to try out at a time is four, two for each arm.

Types of Cologne

When it comes to fragrances, we all hear different names. But, only a few of us know why they are called by different names, and what is the difference. Fragrance is a unisex term used for perfume, but it comes in different forms with different names. Here they are:

  • Cologne (Eau de Cologne) – This is the oldest term used for perfume, used mainly for masculine fragrances. The scent is light, fresh, and fruity, and typically composed of 2-4% perfume oils in alcohol and water.
  • Toilette (Eau de Toilette) — This is a light spray composition having 5-15% aromatic compounds dissolved in alcohol and usually lasts for up to 3 hours.
  • Perfume (Eau de Parfum) –According to a poll, ‘perfume’ is considered to be a more widely used name for fragrances used by both men and women, although we are using cologne here. It is used to describe both men’s and women’s fragrances, containing 15-20% pure aromatic compounds and can last for up to 5 to 8 hours.

Designer Fragrances vs Niche Fragrances

Designer fragrances are what most stores sell, and are made by well-known companies such as Chanel, Armani, CK etc. These fragrances are mass-produced and cost between $20 to $200 a pop. Made for mass production, designer fragrances are a safer choice when it comes to appealing to a wide audience. They also tend to be made from cheaper materials.

On the other hand, niche fragrances are made from ingredients that are considered to be more expensive. These fragrances are usually created by industry artists and are made for a more selective audience who are looking for something that’s unique and one of a kind. Niche fragrances are mostly sought out by fragrance aficionados who like to try something different when it comes to perfume.

How to Make Your Cologne Last Longer

Finding a cologne that you and the women you meet find appealing requires a little more effort than you may think. But, that effort usually pays off in the end. With the days of showering with your cologne far behind, it is time to find out ways in which you can make the cologne you use last longer so that you don’t have to constantly re-apply your cologne. It should be mentioned here that Eau de Parfum, is much more concentrated as compared to Eau de Toilette, which means that the smell lasts longer. Eau de Cologne, on the other hand, has a very small concentration of essential oils at only 2 to 4o percent, which means that it can last for a relatively long period as well, provided you have applied it using the tips given below:

  • Never Spray on Your Clothes – Contrary to popular belief, spraying on your clothes will not let the smell last longer because this way, the fragrance you are using is not allowed to mix with your oils and go through the natural stages of notes as it’s designed to. Besides, spraying your cologne on your shirt will only end up staining the fabric.
  • Spray on Dry Skin –Hold the spray nozzle at least 3 to 6 inches away from your skin while applying the cologne.
  • Don’t Overdo it –If you’re new to wearing cologne, start with one single spray on your chest. You can branch out to a few more sprays in different areas as you grow used to it. To stay safe, stick to three to four sprays and two if the cologne is particularly ‘spicy.’
  • Apply on Heat Areas –You don’t have to run to the kitchen whenever you apply cologne, your body heat can push the scent throughout the day, creating a nice scent trail commonly called  ‘sillage’ wherever you go, which will also make you more noticeable to the fairer sex. The warmest parts of the body are the chest, neck, lower jaw, forearm, wrist, shoulder, and inner elbow. But, do not spray on all of these points at the same time
  • Less is more – Fragrance should be discovered, not announced. People who are close by should be able to smell your cologne, but not get overpowered by the scent.
  • Cologne Storage – Where you store your cologne also affects its strength. While you may be tempted to keep it in your bathroom cabinet, it is advised to store your cologne in a cool dry place where the temperature is steady and not in the heat and moisture filled environment of your bathroom.

Get the Best Cologne to Be Attractive to Women

Remember, your cologne, just like your stylish hair cut, your smooth clean-shaven skin, the clothes you wear and the language you speak, will inadvertently, communicate a lot about who and what type of a person you are.

Keeping that in mind, wearing an overpowering scent can make you seem tacky or vain and even sexually desperate, some of the things that you would not want to be associated with, especially when trying to impress members of the opposite sex. If your friends need some advice on how to attract females with cologne, then let your friends know the cologne you are wearing.

While, there are some who prefer going ‘au naturel’ and not applying any scent at all, an appropriate cologne can do wonders for your appearance and can subtly enhance the image you are trying to project onto the world.

To make your scent broadcast the type of man you are, try any one of these men’s cologne (or multiple!), especially if you’re in college, since these are considered to be the best colognes for college guys to attract females.