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About Us

BlogMilk is, at its very core, a blog about running. However, that doesn’t stop us from slow expanding our reach into other areas of the podiatry, such as foot care, injury prevention, and fashion and we hope to expand more as we grow. We’re relatively new to the  athletic community, and we’re happy to contribute to it in the shadows from the veteran blogs, who have been around for a long time.

We’re still young, but we have plans to grow. As such, we have two primary missions.

Mission 1: Provide Value Through Informative, Engaging Content

This is our primary goal, it’s the thing we do best, and it’s what allowed us to gain any traction at all in the first place. We hire great writers for one reason only: to write about awesome stuff in a way that is fun to read and helps grow the sports and fitness community. Whether it’s big how-to guides, tips, or advice, we like to think of ourselves as a haven for runners who are as big a geek as we are about running.

Mission 2: Provide Value Through Hands-On Reviews of Running Shoes and Accessories

Our reviews are written by people who have used the products. We have had the good fortune to get some awesome samples from companies around the world, but in many cases, we purchase products ourselves. The idea is that we don’t want to write one word without having actually used this stuff, so that you know exactly what you’re getting way before you ever decide to buy something.


So, What Makes Us Unique?

We’re here to for our readers so that they informed decisions and live stronger, healthier and happier. We’re passionate about running and the thrill it brings to runners. We emphasize that like all activities running is prone to injuries. But an informed runner can avoid injuries and reduce his or her visits to a podiatrist or physical therapist. We encourage our readers to practice healthy living with physical and emotional balance.


Well Then, Who Reads

The bulk of’s readers are between ages 16-65. Our readers include men, women, elderly citizens, and teenagers alike.


Why Should You Go To

The main reason you should go to is Relevant Content. We offer authoritative and expert content in the running, podiatry, fitness, wellness and marathon categories that informs and empowers our readers. Our content offering includes:

  • Investigative and engaging feature content created by leaders in athletic community
  • Hands on and practical, solution-oriented short form content created by experienced freelance professionals
  • Entertaining and instructional infographics
  • Monthly newsletters that provides you with tips about running, injury prevention, and preparation for marathons or triathlons.
  • Experience and knowledgeable editors who interact with athletic community and provide relevant content.

We believe that information about running shoes should be provided based on actual needs of our readers. We do not recommend products just because they are popular among community or simply because they look cool. Our focus is relevant content based on our readers needs and wants. We hope to make our visitors into committed readers and establish a relationship based on trust and mutual respect.


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