The Best Lingerie Subscription Boxes: 6 Amazing Options to Try Now

With so many of us spending more time at home these days, it’s easy to forget that breathtaking feeling of finding that gorgeous piece of lingerie at the store that fits your body perfectly.

Whether a flirty matching set, a chic kimono, or a bold bodysuit, we can all relate to that long-lost feeling when you slip into something truly amazing.

Enter the lingerie subscription box – the perfect self-care gift that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home, this subscription service is the best way to treat yourself to something new, exciting and flirtatious each month or quarter.

But with so many options out there to choose from, where should you get started?

To help you find the perfect lingerie subscription box to match what you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up six amazing lingerie box options for your consideration.

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6 Top Lingerie Subscription Boxes

Skivvie Nix lingerie subscription box

1. The Skivvie NIX Box


First up on our list of must-try lingerie subscription boxes is the Skivvie NIX service.

Founded out of a bedroom in Los Angeles, California, Skivvie NIX was born with the idea of creating an affordable high-quality underwear subscription with panties that you’ll actually love to wear and be excited to get each month.

You can easily change your subscription or cancel it online (no extra contact needed) and you do get the option to skip a month here and there if you need to.

Unfortunately, Skivvie Nix doesn’t accept returns due to the nature of the items, but if there are issues, they will help you out with a resolution.

Skivvie NIX Plans

Skivvie NIX offers three different plan options with fun names that are tailored to the type of undies that you’re after: The T-Bone, The Rump Roast and The Tenderloin. You get two brand new pairs each month depending on the style and plan you choose.

How it Works

  1. Choose your “cut” (the style, size and color)
  2. Choose your plan (1, 3, 6 or 12 months)
  3. Get your skivvies

What You Get:

  • The T-Bone –  2 thongs
  • The Rump Roast – 2 pairs of cheekie/hipster panties
  • The Tenderloin – 1 thong, 1 pair of cheekie/hipster panties

Price: $20 per month

Frisky Britches lingerie box

2. The Frisky Britches Subscription


Curated for the woman who loves getting something new and exciting each month, Frisky Britches is the perfect affordable lingerie subscription service.

With Frisky Britches, you’ll get two pairs of sexy panties each and every month from some of your favorite brands in the size and style of your choosing.

With Frisky Britches, shipping and returns are totally free and you have the option to cancel your subscription any time.

Additionally, they offer a discount if you prepay for your subscription for 12 months, offering 10% off!

Frisky Britches Plans

Frisky Britches offers three different subscription plans that are tailored to the type of panties that you’re looking for: The Kitten, The Kitty and The Kougar. With each plan, you’ll get two pairs in the style of your choosing from some of your favorite brands!

How it Works

  1. Choose your style
  2. Choose your size (S, M, L, XL)
  3. Choose your plan
  4. Get your frisky britches

What You Get

  • The Kitten – 2 pairs of cheekie panties
  • The Kitty – 1 pair of cheekie panties, 1 thong
  • The Kougar – 2 thongs

The Price: $14 per month

Adoreme lingerie subscription box

3. Elite by Adore Me Subscription


Perfect for the busy woman who still wants something pretty, the Elite by Adore Me subscription is specially curated each woman.

A favorite among the body positive movement, Adore Me features over 72 sizes and a wide variety of styles that are made for every size, budget and body type. And the best part? You get to try everything on before you buy!

That’s right – Elite by Adore Me offers a 7-day try-on period where you can test out the 3-5 lingerie sets that you receive to figure out if they are a perfect match for you. You simply keep and pay for what you like and send back what you don’t with the free included return label. Now that’s an easy no-hassle process!

Adore Me Plans – The Elite Box

How it Works

  1. You take a fun style quiz to narrow down your preferences
  2. Adore Me curates your box to your unique style and size
  3. You try everything on at home, keep what you want and return what you don’t

What You Get

A curated selection of 3 – 5 unique sets based on your preferences (lingerie, activewear, sleepwear, swimsuits, etc.)

Price: $20 styling fee per box that can be applied to purchasing any set included
(included sets range from $39.95 – $59.95)

Empress Mimi Box - Lingerie

4. The Empress Mimi Box


Next up on the list of must-have lingerie subscription boxes is Empress Mimi.

A favorite of influencers and celebrities alike, this service has been featured in magazines around the world from Forbes to Marie Claire to Town & Country as an amazing value and the perfect self-gift to treat you like the royalty that you are.

With Empress Mimi’s subscription services, you can cancel any time, ship anywhere in the world and easily return anything that doesn’t fit. Each piece you receive is hand-made and comes with a two-year warranty.

In addition, Empress Mimi offers a unique ‘Size Guarantee’ when you subscribe to either of their plans: if what you get in your first box doesn’t fit, they’ll replace it free of charge (and you don’t need to return anything, too). Now that’s an amazing deal!

The Queen Box

The perfect way to update your lingerie drawer each and every month, this subscription box includes a matching set of hand-made luxury lingerie from a variety of categories. From camisole sets to sleepwear, bralettes to bodysuits, you’ll get a stunning set that is beautifully gift-wrapped with custom artwork that describes the inspiration behind the creation of the set and tips on how to wear it.

What You Get

One matching set:o One pair of panties (various styles)
One top (bra, bralette, camisole, etc.)

Price: $44.95 per month (a $99+ value!)

The Empress Box

The ultimate lingerie experience, the Empress Box not only comes with a gorgeous hand-made matching set, but also stunning kimonos, accessories, loungewear and so much more.

From playful whips to sparkling jewelry to comfy robes, you’ll get a special surprise or two each and every month, delivered straight to your doorstep.

According to Empress Mimi, “you really do not need this…but that has never stopped you before now has it?”

What You Get

  • One matching set
  • One pair of panties (various styles)
  • One top (bra, bralette, camisole, etc.)
  • Kimono or loungewear (various styles)
  • Various toys and accessories
  • Jewelry

Price: $99.95 per month ($250 value!)

The Lingerie Box Subscription

5. The Lingerie Box


Looking for the ultimate in high-quality lingerie sourced from small businesses around the world?

Meet The Lingerie Box – an exclusive VIP service that offers you the services of experienced personal lingerie shoppers. Each month, you’ll receive an array of luxury lingerie items that are hand-picked for you, taking your unique style, shape and size into consideration.

After filling out an extensive style quiz, you’ll receive specialized picks from a variety of categories delivered straight to your door. Additionally, you can purchase other lingerie pieces a-la-carte from The Lingerie Box’s online store, with exclusive access to new lines and special released included with your subscription.

On top of that, you can return any items that you don’t like for store credit or return the entire box for a full credit of your monthly fee.

Lingerie Box Plan

How it Works

  1. You take a fun style quiz to narrow down your preferences, sizes and style
  2. The Lingerie Box staff curates your box to your unique style and size
  3. Everything is delivered directly to your door in a discreet box

What You Get

A curated selection of luxury lingerie (various styles such as bra and panty sets, chemises, bodysuits and more)

Price: $49.95 + $5.99 shipping per month

Burgundy Fox lingerie subscription

6. Burgundy Fox Subscription


Perfect for the woman who’s felt intimidated or frustrated about finding the perfect lingerie to fit and flatter their unique shape and size, the Burgundy Fox subscription offers curated styles specially picked for each unique woman.

Featured in Forbes and Brit + Co, this premium subscription service is a favorite of women around the world.

Each box comes with amazing luxury lingerie and specially selected self-care items such as soaps or candles to help you really treat yourself each month.

Shipping is free and you can easily return or exchange your items for no additional charge if they’re not the perfect fit. On top of their amazing services, Burgundy Fox also donates 1 undergarment to ‘I Support the Girls’ program with each purchase, giving you the opportunity to give back to your community!

Burgundy Fox Plans

The Seasonal Underwear Box

Meet the perfect seasonal update to your underwear drawer with no effort required. With this service, you get 5 pairs of cute underwear in styles of your choice delivered to your door the first week of every quarter.

What’s Included

5 pairs of panties (various styles)

Price: $49.00

The Seasonal Lingerie Box

Great for any woman who wants an easy update to her lingerie collection, this service offers one new piece or matching set in a style of your choosing delivered straight to your front door per quarter.

What’s Included

  • 1 item of lingerie (single piece or matching set)
  • 1 surprise self-care item

Price: $99.00

The Gift Box

Ideal for a one-off gift or to test out everything that Burgundy Fox has to offer, this service offers one new piece or matching set in a style of your choosing plus self-care gifts, cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle items delivered the first week of every quarter.

What’s Included

  • 1 item of lingerie (single piece or matching set)
  • Various self-care items
  • Various cruelty-free beauty items
  • Various lifestyle items

Price: $119.00

Overall Thoughts

Always remember that it’s important to take care of yourself during these unprecedented times, and one of the best ways to treat yourself is with the perfect flattering and exciting lingerie.

And the easiest ways to find it?

A lingerie subscription box.